About Modern Carport - Uniquely designed Single and Double Carport

Modern Carport is a business operating under Marblecity Pty Ltd (ABN 66 096 230 929) selling uniquely designed carports.

The uniquely designed single and double carports can also be effectively used as a barbeque area cover, a swimming pool cover, deck cover, awnings, etc., you name it… With the dark grey UV protection polycarbonate shielding it provide a protection from the weather for your vehicle, boat or caravan.

Our concept is simply based on the single carport; the double carports are just putting two single carports back to back or front to front. The standard sizes consist of:

double carport
       Aluminium Double carport

Single (2.7m x 5.1m)   Double carports (5.4m x 5.1m)
Single (3m x 5.4m)    Double carports (6m x 5.4m)

Our product is:

  • Logically Integrated & Uniquely Designed
  • Easy for Self-Installation
  • Easy to Clean
  • Hail Proof
  • Fire Proof
  • Can be Customised