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June 10th, 2011

Simple Guide on Installing a Carport, Sydney

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One of the biggest investments that people make is the purchase of a new vehicle. However, some people tend to ignore the fact that the vehicle is subject to damage. This is what leads to their parking it completely exposed to adverse weather conditions. If parking the vehicle outside, the consideration of the carport Sydney could be of great help. This can help reduce damages by adverse weather conditions significantly. Nonetheless, the right decisions have to be made when purchasing the carport.

The first consideration to make is to counter style of the target carport Sydney. Most people end up frustrated as a result of ignoring this point. It takes time to make a decision especially when considering the huge selection of service providers in Sydney. The carports Sydney are available with different styles some of which are not meant to last long. For durability, users are advised to choose carports made from wood and vinyl material. Aluminum and steel are also considerable options. Additionally, if looking for protection from adverse temperatures, buyers can purchase the foam-insulated metal constructions.

Buyers are advised to rest only with the sloped roof carports. This is irrespective of the weather condition in an area. Dew can easily collect on the rooftop. The pileup of snow can also be disastrous. When the weight is high on the carport Sydney, chances are that the structure will either collapse or wear-off. Sloped roof are more adapted and will be more durable. The overall design should also be based on a comprehensive weather research.

Lastly, when thinking of purchasing carport Sydney, it is important to review the building permits. This is a simple structure but it requires a permit for one to set it up. The home-owners should therefore visit the local authority for permission. This will help avoid bending the law as well as save on cost and time.

March 14th, 2011

How to do a basic DIY carport building

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A carport is more than just a protective shelter for your car. It can also provides useful undercover space for storage, kids’ playground, a work area for home improvement, children’s play area or even a barbecue place on the rain day.

You only need basic DIY and woodworking skills for a basic carport. A carport is classed as an outbuilding as far as planning rules are concerned. There are two types of approvals:

Building approval (provided by a building certifier)
Planning approval (provided City Council)

Building approval ensures that buildings are structurally sound.

Planning approval is used to make sure new structures, like garages and carports, complement the existing streetscape and do not negatively affect neighbours. Please check your loical city council for more information.

The first step of building a carport beside the house is to erect four stout timber posts to support a beam that will carry the outer edge of the roof, and to fix a horizontal timber wallplate to the house wall to support the other edge. Then joists are fixed into notches cut in the beam and wallplate, and corrugated plastic roofing sheets are secured to this timber framework.

Make sure that all the wood you buy for the carport is pre-treated with wood preservative. Treat all the notches you cut in the wood with extra preservative before assembling the structure.

The roof needs a slight slope in order to drain rainwater off it. This can run from front to back or from the house wall to the opposite side of the roof. It is easier to waterproof the junction between the roof and the house wall if the drainage runs from end to end, since the flashing tape will run parallel to the corrugations in the roofing sheet rather than at right angles to them. Add a run of guttering along the downhill edge of the roof so rainwater does not simply drip off. Fit an outlet and a downpipe to discharge the water into a nearby gully if one is available. If there is no gully nearby, collect the rainwater run-off in one or more water butts, for use in the garden.

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January 24th, 2011

Build a carport to increase your property value

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House is one of the biggest investment for most people and they will do anything to increase the value of property to get greater cash return by selling it. That is why there are many home improvement, house remodeling and interior design industries in Sydney. House owner spend money to improve their house to get better living quality and the most important, the future investment. If your house doesn’t have garage or carport, the installation of carport will be the economical beginning.

Compare with garage, although carport cannot protect your vehicle very well like garage does, but it is much cheaper, portable and space-saving. Good quality carports do not necessarily have to be the expensive ones, to choose the right carport for your house, there are many facts you need consider, like building space, house location etc.. you need to consult with qualified carport builder to find the right design and material(metal or timber) for the carport, and a suitable modern designed carport will not only provide space for your car but also increase the appearance of your property.

However, house owners always wonder if a carport can really adds value to a house price when they decide to sell their homes? the answer is depend on the buyer’s type. If you are planning on selling the house to a family, the carport definitely add value to this buyer because they need carport to collect many stuff between the children and the adults such as outdoor equipments, grocery, lawnmower and so on and the offering of a carport provides an additional storage alternative. They would consider the carport as an added asset to the home that you are selling.

On the other hand, if the buyer is a busy single professional who does not have children, but need a space of their own where they can host parties and other social gatherings with friends, then the carport really does not provide immediate useful purpose and they may not be really excited by it. However if this buyer own a car or boat. A nice carport still can attract them and many carport builder can provide portable carport which is easy to install and remove in case owner need space for this social activities.

December 20th, 2010

Portable Carport, Modern Carport Canopy

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Carports are very important these days and almost all of us have on installed in our home for the safety and security of our cars. But the problem arises when we visit our families or friends for few days. We cannot take our carport along with us as it is bulky and is fixed. You love you car and want to protect it. Here comes the Carport Canopy.

Carport Canopy is a light weighted product. It consists of 3 components
1. Carport Poly cover
2. Metal Frame
3. Anchors

The poly cover of the carport is made of a Material called “Polyethylene”. Its special weaving ensures its safety and makes tearing and weathering minimal.

The frame of the carport canopy is made up of the reinforced steel. However you don’t get the color options in carport canopy. It generally comes in three colors white, black and grey.

Carport canopy is easy to install and can be arranged in any size depending on the metal frame you have. You can install it with ease and use it for your car and when you don’t need it you can dismantle it with ease

In short – Carport canopy is a boom if you go out for long vacations.

December 15th, 2010

The emergence of Solar Carports: An eco friendly boon

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Solar carport

Not long ago, just a century has passed since the first carports were placed and proved a blessing for car owners who did not have lavish money to spend on garages. Come 2010 there is another new innovation that will go a long way in helping carport owners. Meet the Solar Carports which is one of the kinds of ideas that many of us would have contemplated on and wished it was a commercially available. Well, it is available now.

The Life port solar carport created by Envision generates electricity for homes and charges electric vehicles, besides providing them shelter. That sure is great news for all those who own the hybrid cars with enough fuel mileage to boast.

It’s the first and one of its kind photovoltaic systems aiming at cutting down electricity costs and minimizing power consumption. The system features 24 solar panels 22 square feet carport generating electricity of 6.4 kilowatts hour per day. In addition to using renewable energy, it is constructed from recycled steel framework making it an out-and-out eco-friendly entity. The package includes an instruction manual and video for the self-assemble kit. The steel that it is made of confers endurance and increasing solar panels to 24 modules can cover the total electricity needs of a single family.

December 6th, 2010

CARPORTS: Benefits and Garage comparision

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Last time we wrote about the history of Carports and stated where the term came from. For those who missed out, carports are covered structure that can be free standing or attached to a wall (unlike garages which are covered by walls on all side) to protect the vehicle from rain hail, snow and heat.

A garage is a luxury for a vehicle in all types of weather, but a carport can be just as beneficial.

Benefits over a garage:

A basic garage cost thousands of dollars and is not affordable to some, whereas the cost of a carport is a fraction of the cost of building a garage so it is a good option.

A garage cannot be moved from one place to another but a carport can be. moreover carports can be assembled and disassembled in 1 or 2 days.

Carports are easily available in the market and one won’t have to wait for weeks to get one.

A carport is very versatile, and you can decorate it in many unique ways to enhance the value and appearance of your home. It can be used as shelte in picnics etc.

Other Features:
1.) A carport is usually classed as an outbuilding and in general you do not need to apply for planning consent
2.) The passage of air currents dries off rain and damp instead of allowing it to cling overnight

November 29th, 2010

Carport story from our customer

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When our neighbor bought their second car, they were in a fix as to where will they park it. Extending the garage was too costly to be considered as an option. Moreover, it would look very shabby.

What they came up with as a solution impressed me no ends. One fine Sunday afternoon I saw some hustle in their lawn and by the end of the day a beautiful carport with the most exquisite wooden framework was standing proudly, ready to give their brand new car some much needed shelter.

I asked my neighbor why he thought of installing the carport. He said that it was so easy to install that his twelve year old son could have also done it. Utilizing a space that was not of much use, he not only got the most out of his resources, the carport was an incredibly less expensive option than the garage. And if I might add, much beautiful too.

That got me thinking and since I had always wanted a new car but also wanted to have the old one as I am emotionally attached to it. I had always put off my plans just because my garage could not hold two cars. Now that carports are here, I have decided to buy that new car right away!

November 24th, 2010

Carport Maintenance

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Maintenance of carports in Sydney is as important as the carports for cars. Maintenance of carports depends on the type of carport you are using. Regular maintenance not only enhances the appearance but also add age to your carport. Generally wooden carports need more maintenance as compared to metal carports because of the tear and wear of wood.

To maintain your wooden carport you need to do certain tasks on weekly basis like you need to sweep away the dirt and dust from the floor at least once a week. Oil stains and other marks need to be cleaned by washing the surface of the floor with mild detergent and rubbing it gently with brush. Instead of power wash use garden hose as power was can damage the fiber of the wood which can further damage carport floor.

Walls can be cleaned by using the vacuum cleaner every fortnight. Vacuum cleaner will suck the dirt place on the surface of walls and also help you in removing the cob webs.

To clean the rooftop you need a ladder and a long handled broom. Sweep away the extra dirt and dust with the broom. You can also use mild detergent followed by the plain water from the garden hose to clean the surface of the rooftop every month.

November 16th, 2010

Metal Carport

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Metal carport is the major choice of clients these days over the traditional wooden carport. The main reason for having a metal carport is the long term sustainability o the metal. Metal is much more beneficial and is free from the problems one generally face while using a traditional wooden carports one form them is the termite attack on the wooden carport. The another benefit of using metal carport Is the easy installation and the corrosion free nature of the metal.

Metal carports are no longer boring and are in one color. Carport owners can now have various designs and colors which is not possible in the traditional wooden carports. Flexibility of metals like aluminum has given chance to the designers of carport to experiment with some new designs which not only give your carport a style but also will provide your car a shelter for longer time period.

Other than the long term usability metal can also provide design to your carport as you can have flat roof, gable roof or a curved roof. Metal carport can be designed in any of the above mentioned design with ease.

October 25th, 2010

Are you looking for an inexpensive substitute to a Garage

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In case you don’t have either the space or the budget to build a full-fledged garage, this is a must-read for you. Of course, you anyways want to provide protection to your vehicle(s) and a single or double carport comes across as a cheap and convenient option.

Basically a garage without walls, carports are more flexible and pocket-friendly than an average conventional garage structure. They can either be free-standing or attached to a wall. And they can be portable, temporary or semi-permanent, as desired. However, the most user-friendly of all options is a metal carport kit.

Carports can be built with anything between wood, metal and even plastics! Wood carports are generally set up in front lawns and may double up as garden architecture. Metal carports made of steel or aluminum, however, are more common a choice. Reason being they can be constructed easily, are more durable and much cheaper than their wooden counterparts.

Also, a metal carport does not take much time to be installed either. Commercially available carport kits get you all the pieces that are necessary along with Do-It-Yourself instructions. Most of these kits are available for a reasonable cost. Double carport or single, either is available and suitable for both commercial as well as residential use.