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January 24th, 2011

Build a carport to increase your property value

Carport Knowledge, by admin.

House is one of the biggest investment for most people and they will do anything to increase the value of property to get greater cash return by selling it. That is why there are many home improvement, house remodeling and interior design industries in Sydney. House owner spend money to improve their house to get better living quality and the most important, the future investment. If your house doesn’t have garage or carport, the installation of carport will be the economical beginning.

Compare with garage, although carport cannot protect your vehicle very well like garage does, but it is much cheaper, portable and space-saving. Good quality carports do not necessarily have to be the expensive ones, to choose the right carport for your house, there are many facts you need consider, like building space, house location etc.. you need to consult with qualified carport builder to find the right design and material(metal or timber) for the carport, and a suitable modern designed carport will not only provide space for your car but also increase the appearance of your property.

However, house owners always wonder if a carport can really adds value to a house price when they decide to sell their homes? the answer is depend on the buyer’s type. If you are planning on selling the house to a family, the carport definitely add value to this buyer because they need carport to collect many stuff between the children and the adults such as outdoor equipments, grocery, lawnmower and so on and the offering of a carport provides an additional storage alternative. They would consider the carport as an added asset to the home that you are selling.

On the other hand, if the buyer is a busy single professional who does not have children, but need a space of their own where they can host parties and other social gatherings with friends, then the carport really does not provide immediate useful purpose and they may not be really excited by it. However if this buyer own a car or boat. A nice carport still can attract them and many carport builder can provide portable carport which is easy to install and remove in case owner need space for this social activities.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Carports are a great solution for homeowners looking to protect their vehicles from weather, trees and more. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and even various designs to best suit your needs and the look of your current home. Carports can be made to cover multiple cars, not just one. Additionally, carports can be a great addition to homes that do have garages. If you have more cars than can fit in your garage or maybe even a motorcycle or four-wheeler that you want to protect, a carport might be your best bet. For best results, I recommend hiring a professional to build your carport. Hope this helps!

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