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June 21st, 2010

Carport Canopy: A Traveler’s Smart Choice

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Last week, a friend paid a visit from out of town. I was rather worried as my Aluminium carport was designed for only a single car. All I could offer was the extended empty lawn area which I had developed yet. The moment he arrived as showed me his Carport Canopy Traveler Kit, I was impressed.

Basically, the carport canopy is the light weight product which consists of three components: the carport poly cover, the metal frame and the anchors.

The best part about the carport canopy is that you can take a bigger size and always adjust depending on your usage. The carport canopy can used as extended parking shade, yard sale stall, extended outdoor dining shelter and much more. It was amazing to notice how easily my friend installed his carport canopy and then dismantled a few days later.

The poly cover of the carport is made of a material called “polyethylene.” The same component used to make plastic bags. Its special weave ensure minimal chances of tearing or weathering. Latest carport poly covers also come with UV treatment that reduces damage to your car and are obviously 100% waterproof.

The frame of the carport canopy is made of 1 3/8th inch reinforced steel. The number of steel pillars depends on the size of the carport canopy that you wish to purchase. The bigger the carport canopy, the more the frames in count. You will not get color options here as most are available in white, grey or black.

A carport canopy kit usually makes a covered roof with three sides of the carport walls zipped and closed and one side open. So keep that in mind as the difference between a built concrete carport and a carport canopy.

You will have options of carport with two sides zipped and all four sides zipped. The price of the carport kit will obviously depend on that as well.

A carport canopy might not be a wise idea in case the area has high winds. Remember, this carport structure is always above the ground and built by resurrecting the pillars into the ground.

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