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June 7th, 2010


Carport service and maintenance, by admin.

Most people are unable to manage cleaning and maintaining the floor of the carport. Stains and unleveled surfaces are the most common concerns faced for the carport floor.

However there are many easy ways to take care of your carport floor. Here are a few tips I have gathered:

Whether your carport floor is made of cement concrete or gravel discoloring is a common concern as the carport is open from all sides and faces constant sunlight.

You may purchase a colorant mixing it in your concrete while relaying the carport, new or otherwise. This helps in getting a uniform color throughout the carport floor. Pouring the colorant later to maintain consistency will not be required.

Sealant Liquid:
Always use a concrete sealant liquid while laying the carport floor. This needs to be mixed with the concrete and spread evenly. The sealant helps a lot as it doesn’t let the stains get absorbed on the carport floor. Use generous amount of the sealant to ensure the effect lasts longer.

In fact, with simple soap water and a dash of bleach you can remove the stains of the carport floor very easily.

Paint the Floor:
If the stains of grease and or fuel cannot be removed with scrubbing, bleach water or soap water, then I would suggest to simply repaint the carport floor.

The paint automatically covers the stains. Though some grease stains might still show as a slight trace however that’s the best that can be done.

Cleaning Agents:
Though most people prefer using soap water or bleach water to clean the carport floors, I would suggest using special cleaning agents which are meant to clean concrete carport floor stains.

Though such cleaning liquids are expensive, however cleaning your carport floor becomes very easy and not an exhaustive ordeal.

Concrete Stains:
Various types of stains are available for carport floor maintenance. These are either acid, water or acrylic based stains.

Using stains mixed with the concrete for your carport floor is a very good idea. This increases the life of your carport floor and makes it weather proof. It particularly intensifies the color used in the concrete and also doesn’t let it fade easily.

Furthermore, cleaning the carport becomes far more easier.

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