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November 24th, 2010

Carport Maintenance

Carport service and maintenance, by admin.

Maintenance of carports in Sydney is as important as the carports for cars. Maintenance of carports depends on the type of carport you are using. Regular maintenance not only enhances the appearance but also add age to your carport. Generally wooden carports need more maintenance as compared to metal carports because of the tear and wear of wood.

To maintain your wooden carport you need to do certain tasks on weekly basis like you need to sweep away the dirt and dust from the floor at least once a week. Oil stains and other marks need to be cleaned by washing the surface of the floor with mild detergent and rubbing it gently with brush. Instead of power wash use garden hose as power was can damage the fiber of the wood which can further damage carport floor.

Walls can be cleaned by using the vacuum cleaner every fortnight. Vacuum cleaner will suck the dirt place on the surface of walls and also help you in removing the cob webs.

To clean the rooftop you need a ladder and a long handled broom. Sweep away the extra dirt and dust with the broom. You can also use mild detergent followed by the plain water from the garden hose to clean the surface of the rooftop every month.

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