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November 29th, 2010

Carport story from our customer

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When our neighbor bought their second car, they were in a fix as to where will they park it. Extending the garage was too costly to be considered as an option. Moreover, it would look very shabby.

What they came up with as a solution impressed me no ends. One fine Sunday afternoon I saw some hustle in their lawn and by the end of the day a beautiful carport with the most exquisite wooden framework was standing proudly, ready to give their brand new car some much needed shelter.

I asked my neighbor why he thought of installing the carport. He said that it was so easy to install that his twelve year old son could have also done it. Utilizing a space that was not of much use, he not only got the most out of his resources, the carport was an incredibly less expensive option than the garage. And if I might add, much beautiful too.

That got me thinking and since I had always wanted a new car but also wanted to have the old one as I am emotionally attached to it. I had always put off my plans just because my garage could not hold two cars. Now that carports are here, I have decided to buy that new car right away!

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