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March 14th, 2011

How to do a basic DIY carport building

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A carport is more than just a protective shelter for your car. It can also provides useful undercover space for storage, kids’ playground, a work area for home improvement, children’s play area or even a barbecue place on the rain day.

You only need basic DIY and woodworking skills for a basic carport. A carport is classed as an outbuilding as far as planning rules are concerned. There are two types of approvals:

Building approval (provided by a building certifier)
Planning approval (provided City Council)

Building approval ensures that buildings are structurally sound.

Planning approval is used to make sure new structures, like garages and carports, complement the existing streetscape and do not negatively affect neighbours. Please check your loical city council for more information.

The first step of building a carport beside the house is to erect four stout timber posts to support a beam that will carry the outer edge of the roof, and to fix a horizontal timber wallplate to the house wall to support the other edge. Then joists are fixed into notches cut in the beam and wallplate, and corrugated plastic roofing sheets are secured to this timber framework.

Make sure that all the wood you buy for the carport is pre-treated with wood preservative. Treat all the notches you cut in the wood with extra preservative before assembling the structure.

The roof needs a slight slope in order to drain rainwater off it. This can run from front to back or from the house wall to the opposite side of the roof. It is easier to waterproof the junction between the roof and the house wall if the drainage runs from end to end, since the flashing tape will run parallel to the corrugations in the roofing sheet rather than at right angles to them. Add a run of guttering along the downhill edge of the roof so rainwater does not simply drip off. Fit an outlet and a downpipe to discharge the water into a nearby gully if one is available. If there is no gully nearby, collect the rainwater run-off in one or more water butts, for use in the garden.

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