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March 8th, 2010

How To Maintain A Carport

Carport service and maintenance, by admin.

Maintaining a carport is very important, because once they start looking old, they look “very old”. One might say that’s where a garage has an advantage over carports. Let’s keep in mind that carports made of wood or wood & metal need more maintenance. Yet, carports are relatively easy to maintain if you are cautious from the beginning.

Here are some pointers that will help you maintain your carport:

Paint: Ensure you paint your carport regularly, especially if the area you live in has strong sun or salty/humid air. Always ensure to scrub the metal, wood surface well before applying fresh paint on the carport. So it is better to keep a can of paint handy for such purpose. Carports hardly have surface area, thus doing this yourself is quick and not much of a hassle.

Cleaning The Shed: The carport’s rooftop or shed can accumulate dust or mildew very easily in a short period of time. You must clean the rooftop on regular intervals. In a large bucket of water mix approx 15 ml of bleach. Scrub every portion of the roof of the carport using brush with stiff bristles. Wipe the area dry and don’t let the water solution dry by itself. The solution, if left to dry can further stain the carport roof.

In case you have fiber-glass panels added to the design of the carport rooftop, then ensure to mix any mild soap solution in water to clean the glass portion. Thereafter use the bleach water solution to clean the rest of the carport.

Power Washer: This is the most important equipment you would need to clean your carport, particular the flooring. Power washer can easily wash away debris from all nooks & corners without you having to do any manual labor.

In case you live in areas with mild climate, cleaning your carport with the Power Washer is more than sufficient.

You can always refer to the owner’s manual to follow instructions about cleaning your carport. Make sure you take the manual from the installer when they are assembling your carport.

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