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September 27th, 2010

Double Carport, Affordable Luxury

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Are you considering a shade for your car in your front yard or back yard? If yes, did you ever think about installing a double carport instead of a garage? If you have enough space to park your cars inside a garage, but do not have enough budget up your sleeves, you can rather go for a double metal carport instead. No matter how you install it, it will cover enough space to park up to two cars side by side, safely and securely.

In case you do not already know, there are number of Do-it-yourself (DIY) carport kits available in the market to choose from. You can find these easy to install double carports in metal and wood materials. You can find these carports made up of steel and aluminum.

The aluminum variety among double carports is particularly environment friendly and dependable. Aluminum not only leaves least waste material, but also does not rust or corrode unlike steel. Moreover, you can find truly aesthetic and logically integrated designs in Aluminum-based double carports, to go flawlessly with any décor. To top it off, such variety also offers sturdiness against harsh weather conditions and reliable protection for your car(s) in spite of violent winds and heavy snow load.

September 13th, 2010

Carport kits to go well with any décor

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The most common concern that holds back many from installing a metal-based double carport is its lack of aesthetic appeal to go well with any décor. The concern is, however, diluted by the most modern range in metal carport. The state-of-the-art aluminum based metal double carports sport very sophisticated and neat appearance that promise to compliment any décor with flying colors.

In addition with good looks, a present day double carport comes into carport kits that are logically integrated, and therefore, easy for self-installation. An aluminum metal carport is very safe to use – almost fire proof and hail proof. One of the customizable carport kits available online offer resistance to stormy winds up to 100 kilometers per hour and can withstand hail up to 20 cm, which is twice as much as the worst snowfall received by West Sydney late in the year 2008 on the Blue Mountains area. Not to forget, t the aluminum metal any ways is renowned to leave least waste and hence considered the most environment-friendly metal too.

In case you are going to buy one of the carports to shelter your car, good news is you have choice between double and single carports. You can also fancy different sizes in double carports to suit your need.

September 7th, 2010

Carports, A Cost Effective alternative to Garages

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Carports are covered structures built to provide shelter to automobiles. They differ from garages as they do not have enclosing walls. They can either be free-standing or attached to a wall. Generally they are portable and can be dismantled easily.

The material of construction could be wood, metal or even plastic. A metal carport made with steel or aluminum or composites meets the needs of people who are on a tight budget. Generally metal carports are more durable than those made from wood or other materials.

Most people prefer to build carports from scratch, sourcing their materials from variety of sources. However, for those pressed for time, carports kits are also available which consists of everything one needs to build a carport along with detailed instructions. Most carport kits are customizable and modular so one need not buy all the components from a single manufacturer.

For home use, most people prefer single or double carports depending on the number of cars they own. These carports can be also attached to the house and given an appearance of a part of the house.

Commercial metal carports provide parking solutions to offices and industries. They are more cost-effective compared to conventional garages and can be easily scaled up or down depending on the parking requirement.

August 30th, 2010

Cantilever Carport kits are in thing

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When erecting a concrete garage or carport seems like the only good idea, you apparently have not gauged your options thoroughly. You might have either not read much on cantilever carport kits or simply chose to ignore the information. Time to read it through and that too seriously speaking!

Going for one of the fine quality carport kits for an Aluminum carport avails you a fair share of advantages. Let’s visit them one by one.

-Elite and effective design

A cantilever carport made up of aluminum looks urbane and sophisticated to suit any décor and setting.


You wish to carbon print to minimum, consider one of the easy to fix carport kits. And of course, aluminum is known to release minimum carbon and other wastes during the manufacturing process.


Aluminum carport is pretty sturdy material. It does not rust or corrode and hence lasts longer.

-Weather and climatic conditions resistance

Speaking about carport, you are protecting your vehicle from a host of climatic wraths. It could be snow fall so heavy that it goes up to 20 cm or something and winds blowing at the rate of a 100 km per hour. You should be prepared for such bad weather with your car in question. An Aluminum cantilever carport kit can extend you that kind of security.

While you may also consider steel carport for a choice, aluminum carports generally offer much longer durability with higher resistance to rusting and corrosion.

-Weather resistance

An Aluminum carport is 200 times stronger than any glass material, and hence enjoys high weather resistance. It can with stand heavy snowfall (as much as 20 cm snow load) and strong winds flowing at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour.

-Easy to assemble

Aluminum cantilever carport kits are lightweight. Their sport modern architecture designs are so logically integrated it can be easily assembled at home without professional help.

-Easy to clean, shielded from heat and UV

Made up of Poly Carbonate (PC) materials, the contemporary models of Aluminum carports are impact resistant; UV stabilized; and come with a heat shielding.

August 16th, 2010

Cantilever carport translates into trendy economic choice

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Sometimes constructing a garage is not the ideal option. It is because erecting a concrete enclosure for a garage would invite more space, time and money requirements. However, many times you may not find it suitable owing to space constraint or smaller budget or simply because the garage would not go idyllically with the rest of the urbane exterior decor. Under the circumstances, installing a cantilever carport is a better idea.

Not only carport kits are much more economical and easier to assemble on DIY basis, Aluminum carport kits in particular are much sturdier than any other counterpart option. These carports can withstand up to 100 kilometers per hour of wind speed and 20 centimeters of snow load. These look elite and at the same time feel light on pocket. Such aluminum based Cantilever carports go along with any décor or setting, however, sophisticated or flamboyant.

Cantilever Carport made up of Aluminum also enjoys minimum carbon foot print. Aluminum is renowned to release very limited carbon or other wastes during the manufacturing process. Hence, it is environment friendly in nature. Since the metal does not rust or corrode, it also lasts longer than its parallel options. No surprises, there is as if an insatiable demand for Cantilever Aluminum based carport kits around the world.

July 26th, 2010

Wooden Carports or Aluminum Cantilever Carports – Which one is the best carport solution?

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If you have been thinking of adding car protection at home, you may build another garage, or alternatively, buy a DIY carport kit. While additional garage will need both space and higher investment, a Cantilever carport will keep your expenses to minimum. Even better, carport kits are easier to install and may not need a professional’s help for installation. This is particularly true for a assemble-able Aluminum carport with a manual for doing it yourself.

Carports available in the market can be made up of different materials. They are the best solution for creating protection of your car(s) without harming your pocket or the exterior aesthetics of your home/ office.

While wooden carports are the choice for those looking for a vintage look, the good looks are countered by some of the demerits like heavy maintenance and poor longevity (mainly due to corrosion caused by weather conditions) and higher cost. On the other hand, aluminum carport kits are inert to weather changes and do not corrode easily. The cantilever carport made up of aluminum could prove to be strong, cost-effective and even elite. The carports can actually help you do away with worries of heavy snow fall and violent winds, with the kind of resistance these offer as per vendor sites.

July 12th, 2010

What to expect out of your carport?

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Since it is not always feasible to have more than one garage in-house, a contemporary looking Cantilever carport comes about as good alternative.

So, once you have made up your mind about installing carport in your driveway, you must itemise the various must-have features in carport kits you would consider. The “kits” imply that the carport will need to be assembled on a DIY basis. Accordingly, it should have a logical design for intuitive and easy integration.

The carport body should be strong and resistant to weather hazards like heavy snow or strong winds. You may find carports online that offer wind resistance up to 100 km/ hr and snow load up to 20 cm.

Generally, an Aluminium carport with an alloy surface is better placed to resist oxidation and wear-tear. The modern carports are very strong, however, sporting architectural design that’s pertinent, elite and minimal. It is also suggested to go for Poly Carbonate (PC) panelling in a shed, as it offers better heat shielding and UV stability. The shed should also be timpact resistant and made of durable material. For instance, you can find Cantilever carports with glass like shades, but made up of a material about 200 times sturdier than ordinary glass! Not to mention, it should be easy to clean the carport.

June 21st, 2010

Carport Canopy: A Traveler’s Smart Choice

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Last week, a friend paid a visit from out of town. I was rather worried as my Aluminium carport was designed for only a single car. All I could offer was the extended empty lawn area which I had developed yet. The moment he arrived as showed me his Carport Canopy Traveler Kit, I was impressed.

Basically, the carport canopy is the light weight product which consists of three components: the carport poly cover, the metal frame and the anchors.

The best part about the carport canopy is that you can take a bigger size and always adjust depending on your usage. The carport canopy can used as extended parking shade, yard sale stall, extended outdoor dining shelter and much more. It was amazing to notice how easily my friend installed his carport canopy and then dismantled a few days later.

The poly cover of the carport is made of a material called “polyethylene.” The same component used to make plastic bags. Its special weave ensure minimal chances of tearing or weathering. Latest carport poly covers also come with UV treatment that reduces damage to your car and are obviously 100% waterproof.

The frame of the carport canopy is made of 1 3/8th inch reinforced steel. The number of steel pillars depends on the size of the carport canopy that you wish to purchase. The bigger the carport canopy, the more the frames in count. You will not get color options here as most are available in white, grey or black.

A carport canopy kit usually makes a covered roof with three sides of the carport walls zipped and closed and one side open. So keep that in mind as the difference between a built concrete carport and a carport canopy.

You will have options of carport with two sides zipped and all four sides zipped. The price of the carport kit will obviously depend on that as well.

A carport canopy might not be a wise idea in case the area has high winds. Remember, this carport structure is always above the ground and built by resurrecting the pillars into the ground.

June 7th, 2010


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Most people are unable to manage cleaning and maintaining the floor of the carport. Stains and unleveled surfaces are the most common concerns faced for the carport floor.

However there are many easy ways to take care of your carport floor. Here are a few tips I have gathered:

Whether your carport floor is made of cement concrete or gravel discoloring is a common concern as the carport is open from all sides and faces constant sunlight.

You may purchase a colorant mixing it in your concrete while relaying the carport, new or otherwise. This helps in getting a uniform color throughout the carport floor. Pouring the colorant later to maintain consistency will not be required.

Sealant Liquid:
Always use a concrete sealant liquid while laying the carport floor. This needs to be mixed with the concrete and spread evenly. The sealant helps a lot as it doesn’t let the stains get absorbed on the carport floor. Use generous amount of the sealant to ensure the effect lasts longer.

In fact, with simple soap water and a dash of bleach you can remove the stains of the carport floor very easily.

Paint the Floor:
If the stains of grease and or fuel cannot be removed with scrubbing, bleach water or soap water, then I would suggest to simply repaint the carport floor.

The paint automatically covers the stains. Though some grease stains might still show as a slight trace however that’s the best that can be done.

Cleaning Agents:
Though most people prefer using soap water or bleach water to clean the carport floors, I would suggest using special cleaning agents which are meant to clean concrete carport floor stains.

Though such cleaning liquids are expensive, however cleaning your carport floor becomes very easy and not an exhaustive ordeal.

Concrete Stains:
Various types of stains are available for carport floor maintenance. These are either acid, water or acrylic based stains.

Using stains mixed with the concrete for your carport floor is a very good idea. This increases the life of your carport floor and makes it weather proof. It particularly intensifies the color used in the concrete and also doesn’t let it fade easily.

Furthermore, cleaning the carport becomes far more easier.

May 31st, 2010


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Laying a carport floor, irrespective of the carport type (Wood, Metal or Alumiwood) is a process must people take for granted. However it’s exceptionally important. Don’t just go by assumptions that a simple ground will do the trick. This thinking might work for carports made in ranches or trailer vans, were the carport is mobile & detachable however not for permanent structures.

Take the following pointers into account before making the carport floor:

Carport Location:
The area where you will construct the carport floor needs to be as flat & sturdy as possible. Simply place two stakes on two corners of the chosen area and tie a string to it. The slope formed will tell you whether it suitable to make a carport floor or not.

Carport Floor Depth:
The depth of the carport floor needs to be anything between 3 to 5 inches in depth. The choice is depth should depend on the weight of your vehicle. In case of bigger cars like SUVs, Station Wagons etc, prepare to dig 5 inches to create the carport floor.

Use the stake and strong technique to ensure that the four corners marked will be of equal depth.

Carport Floor Base:
For posts, use a 2×4 log which will be placed along the edge of the dugout area of the carport floor. Make sure they are perpendicular. Do the same on all four corners and then fill in with fine gravel dirt.

Roll out a sheet of wire mesh on the carport floor however don’t do so from corner to corner. Cut the mesh around 3 inches from the corner of the carport floor. You must ensure that the mesh doesn’t curl up.

Adding Concrete:
You have two choices for the flooring of a carport. First is concrete which is suited for all mostly for metal carport types. Second is the concrete flooring is perfectly matches wooden and Alumiwood carports.

For concrete, once the read mix arrives, pour the concrete from end of the carport floor and spread evenly & quickly all over using a wet rake. You will need a helping hand who can tap the air pockets which will form when spreading the concrete.

Once the concrete has dried, spread some dirt and level it out.

In case of gravel, use a thinner layer of concrete and immediately spread the gravel stones.