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December 20th, 2010

Portable Carport, Modern Carport Canopy

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Carports are very important these days and almost all of us have on installed in our home for the safety and security of our cars. But the problem arises when we visit our families or friends for few days. We cannot take our carport along with us as it is bulky and is fixed. You love you car and want to protect it. Here comes the Carport Canopy.

Carport Canopy is a light weighted product. It consists of 3 components
1. Carport Poly cover
2. Metal Frame
3. Anchors

The poly cover of the carport is made of a Material called “Polyethylene”. Its special weaving ensures its safety and makes tearing and weathering minimal.

The frame of the carport canopy is made up of the reinforced steel. However you don’t get the color options in carport canopy. It generally comes in three colors white, black and grey.

Carport canopy is easy to install and can be arranged in any size depending on the metal frame you have. You can install it with ease and use it for your car and when you don’t need it you can dismantle it with ease

In short – Carport canopy is a boom if you go out for long vacations.

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