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December 15th, 2010

The emergence of Solar Carports: An eco friendly boon

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Solar carport

Not long ago, just a century has passed since the first carports were placed and proved a blessing for car owners who did not have lavish money to spend on garages. Come 2010 there is another new innovation that will go a long way in helping carport owners. Meet the Solar Carports which is one of the kinds of ideas that many of us would have contemplated on and wished it was a commercially available. Well, it is available now.

The Life port solar carport created by Envision generates electricity for homes and charges electric vehicles, besides providing them shelter. That sure is great news for all those who own the hybrid cars with enough fuel mileage to boast.

It’s the first and one of its kind photovoltaic systems aiming at cutting down electricity costs and minimizing power consumption. The system features 24 solar panels 22 square feet carport generating electricity of 6.4 kilowatts hour per day. In addition to using renewable energy, it is constructed from recycled steel framework making it an out-and-out eco-friendly entity. The package includes an instruction manual and video for the self-assemble kit. The steel that it is made of confers endurance and increasing solar panels to 24 modules can cover the total electricity needs of a single family.

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