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July 12th, 2010

What to expect out of your carport?

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Since it is not always feasible to have more than one garage in-house, a contemporary looking Cantilever carport comes about as good alternative.

So, once you have made up your mind about installing carport in your driveway, you must itemise the various must-have features in carport kits you would consider. The “kits” imply that the carport will need to be assembled on a DIY basis. Accordingly, it should have a logical design for intuitive and easy integration.

The carport body should be strong and resistant to weather hazards like heavy snow or strong winds. You may find carports online that offer wind resistance up to 100 km/ hr and snow load up to 20 cm.

Generally, an Aluminium carport with an alloy surface is better placed to resist oxidation and wear-tear. The modern carports are very strong, however, sporting architectural design that’s pertinent, elite and minimal. It is also suggested to go for Poly Carbonate (PC) panelling in a shed, as it offers better heat shielding and UV stability. The shed should also be timpact resistant and made of durable material. For instance, you can find Cantilever carports with glass like shades, but made up of a material about 200 times sturdier than ordinary glass! Not to mention, it should be easy to clean the carport.

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