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July 26th, 2010

Wooden Carports or Aluminum Cantilever Carports – Which one is the best carport solution?

Carport service and maintenance, by admin.

If you have been thinking of adding car protection at home, you may build another garage, or alternatively, buy a DIY carport kit. While additional garage will need both space and higher investment, a Cantilever carport will keep your expenses to minimum. Even better, carport kits are easier to install and may not need a professional’s help for installation. This is particularly true for a assemble-able Aluminum carport with a manual for doing it yourself.

Carports available in the market can be made up of different materials. They are the best solution for creating protection of your car(s) without harming your pocket or the exterior aesthetics of your home/ office.

While wooden carports are the choice for those looking for a vintage look, the good looks are countered by some of the demerits like heavy maintenance and poor longevity (mainly due to corrosion caused by weather conditions) and higher cost. On the other hand, aluminum carport kits are inert to weather changes and do not corrode easily. The cantilever carport made up of aluminum could prove to be strong, cost-effective and even elite. The carports can actually help you do away with worries of heavy snow fall and violent winds, with the kind of resistance these offer as per vendor sites.

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